25.06.2013 01:59

The mighty endangered

California condor has

decided to take revenge on

the people of California.

The birds, which have up

to a nine-foot wingspan,

have descended Hitchcock-

style on the town of Bear

Valley Springs, ripping off

roof shingles, clawing at

air conditioners, and, of

course, coating the town in

condor feces. At one rental

property, condors pried

open a can of white paint,

coating a deck with it; bit

the wiring of the air

conditioning; and tore

apart the screens of two

sliding doors. “A lot of

people used to think seeing

a condor was amazing, the

realtor, Beth Hall, told

According to US Department of Fish and

Wildlife representative John

McCamman, “They are just ripping

stuff up.” But residents can’t do

anything about the delinquent condors,

due to federal and state regulations. In

fact, the California State Fish and Game

Commission recently prohibited use of

lead ammunition in areas in which

condors nest. Actually, about the only

thing you can do to the condor in

California is kill it using a wind