Justin Bieber banned for life from Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving over bad behavior, failure to pay fees

25.06.2013 03:23

Justin Bieber and his crew skipped out on

paying after their high flying adventure

at Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas.

Indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas fell for Justin

Bieber 's shenanigans and the pop star

landed on their no fly list for it.

The "Beauty and the Beat" singer reportedly

went to partake in the indoor high flying

activities with six people Sunday, June 16 but

left without paying or Instagraming about his

visit, according to E! News .

Bieber's bad attitude got him a first class

seat on their no fly list indefinitely, a rep for

the facility confirmed.

The 19-year-old singer and his crew

reportedly arrived shortly before closing and

indicated they'd pay after their skydiving


When JB was asked to pay up the $1,600

owed for him and his friends or post a

midflight Instagram pic of himself with a

complimentary caption about his experience,

he agreed to the online approach.

"[He] actually faked like he was posting

something, per the agreement," an insider

said, "but never did."


Justin Bieber 'faked like he was posting'

an Instagram photo of himself midflight

with a mention of the facility after

agreeing to an online pic instead of


The "As Long As You Love Me" singer and his

entourage then exited without paying or

posting anything.

In addition, a source described the group as

"a disrespectful bunch" that even went as far

as to leave the bathroom dirty. Allegedly one

of Bieber's security guards left a mess

around the sink and threw a paper towel on

the floor of the restroom while looking at an

employee who was watching him.

As for Bieber himself, the source described

him to be "very standoff-ish toward mostly

everyone outside of his crew" and was "very

disconnected from reality."

Ironically, after the alleged incident Bieber

reports taking a hard fall down a flight of

stairs causing scraps to his neck Sunday,

which he showed off with a giggle and a

smile on an Instagram video.

"If u didn't hear I fell down the stairs this

morning," he tweeted. "Check my Instagram

for details. It was epic :) lol."

No one from the singer's camp has

commented about the allegations at Indoor

Skydiving or the mystery blond he was

photographed cozying up with at the facility.